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Marketing that works

The primary goal of our marketing effort is to get potential buyers to see your home in person. This is the only way we can get feedback, and ultimately get an offer.

  • We can achieve more buyer traffic using two primary methods:
    • Making the home look as beautiful online as it does in person, through staging and architectural photography
    • Aggressively pursuing potential buyers for the home – through open houses, expert photography, and by following up with agents who show the home


Our Job Is To Market To Buyers

When you decide to sell your property, it is critical to understand what buyers are looking for. KW research reveals that in addition to the price of your property, location tops the list of features buyers are attracted to, at nearly 71%. Unfortunately, you cannot change the location of your property. The neighborhood, like location, is important to buyers and is another feature you cannot change. The third most popular feature, at 50%, is the condition of the property. This IS one important aspect of your property that you can alter to make it more appealing to buyers.


Value of Internet Marketing:
What buyers deem “Very Useful”

How Buyers Search for a Property:
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