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Our Staging strategy


We want your home to be shown in the best possible light to prospective buyers to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time. A good stager will create a warm and inviting environment focusing on the best architectural features and selling points of your home.

An initial staging consultation is included in our services, and will include a detailed written plan that you can use to help present your home better to buyers. The stager will also provide a professional home staging plan, including complete furnishing and layout design.

Pet Odor

Many cat and dog owners are around their animal companions so often that they become immune to the smell and don’t notice it in their home, so you might not even realize that your home smells of pet odor.

However, when you are selling your property, first impressions are very important and if a potential buyer gets a whiff of pet odors when they walk in the door this can really make them lose interest. Ask us for our honest opinion and we will come up with a game plan on how to freshen up your house, if needed.